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Benefits Of Baby Slings

Benefits Of Baby Slings

If you are looking for new innovative ways to carry your baby you should consider acquiring a baby sling. A baby sling is a baby carrier made from fabric that wraps around the wearer's body from his or her shoulder to the opposite hip and back up to the shoulder. Doing so creates a pocket, or pouch for the infant to sit or lie down. Although the baby sling has becoming mainstream and popular only recently it has been common and ordinary in many places around the world and part of many old cultures. The use of baby slings however, is gaining popularity in North America as well as American and Canadian parents are realizing the many benefits associated with using baby slings.

There are several benefits associated with the use of baby slings. When using baby slings you are literally hands free when carrying your baby. They are a good way to keep your baby with you at all times when you are running errands, tending to chores around the house or just taking a leisurely walk. The infant finds comfort in the sling which simulates the pressure, motion and warmth sensations they experienced before birth in the womb and as a result they can reduce stress in babies and decrease crying. They also make it easier for mothers to nurse their babies. In addition, slings are not only made for mothers, they are excellent tools for fathers, grandparents and other caregivers.

In terms of types of baby slings the most popular type is the pouch sling, also known as the tube or pocket sling, where the baby is carried in a semi-prone position. This type of sling often fits around one arm, with baby hanging at about stomach level.

There are other types of slings as well. There slings that can be worn like backpacks with the baby facing forward or backwards. Usually parents use these types of slings when carrying their children for relatively longer distances; for example hiking and walking outdoors.

One of the dilemmas parents are faced with when buying a sling is whether it should be the padded or unpadded kind. Many parents prefer padded slings because they provide infants with necessary head support and are more comfortable for both the baby and the parent. Other parents prefer unpadded slings over padded slings because the later are bulkier and less versatile.

When using baby slings always keep in mind that they should not be used instead of car seats or other infant protection devices. Never hold your baby in a carrier while cooking over the stove or oven due to the risk of heat exposure. When bending over always keep one hand on your baby to prevent accidents like having the baby fall out. One more thing parents who use baby slings is to always keep an eye out for sharp corners and doorways while walking with the baby strapped on the sling. It should go without being said to remember to fasten or tie the sling properly. There are many kinds of baby slings to choose from, various types sizes and colours. Some of the most popular brands are Maya Wrap, The Peanut Shell, Moby Wrap, and Hotslings.

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